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“But that’s not plenty of to fully satisfy you. There’s some thing lacking, anything exceptional, you feel The shortage of the detail without the need of being able to say just what exactly it is.

The moon Component of the machine points on the signs and symptoms on the moon: the forces of attraction, and worry of transformation (real or illusionary). It really works for a vector of ‘science on the imaginary’, through a pataphysical solution. Practically nothing looks true, but all the things in fact influences your metabolism.

what do you want you? … which i shut my mouth After i consume like this … which i unfold my lips … like that … i let you know what … I have nothing to let you know ……… Permit the devil do its dance … … the ecstasy of expulsion … I would like a lot more … the soiled insularity of my flesh …

” …L’architecture expérimentale s’est déplacée sur un nouveau corpus d’instrumentations, fait d’outillage, de computation, de machinisme mais aussi et simultanément de fictions et lignes de subjectivités, en synchronicité avec nos symptômes ; de peurs et d’échappées belles ‘’ici et maintenant’’. L’celebration de ce flash back 1993-2050, c’est de parcourir des attitudes en corrélation, en co-dépendances des formes qu’elles sous-tendent, au travers de leurs conflits et réciprocités. C’est découvrir un monde write-up digital, post humain, submit activiste, put up démocratique, put up fileéministe, …un monde queer…androgyne, charnelle, inquiétant, désenchanté, pornographique, transitoire, transactionnel, …ou les scenarios, dispositifs, malentendus, fragments psychiques et physiologiques sont les matériaux mêmes des murs et des plafonds, des caves et des greniers, …schizoïdes et paranoïaques, aux creux de fictions opératoires et critiques… Les plis et replis androgynes derrière lesquelles… ils/elles… se dissimulent déclenchent confusions et résteps épidermiques, hostilités suspectes, idéalisation fantasmée, voir oubli prémédité.

“In this article everything is knotted jointly and intertwined. It’s all there, in the whole process of turning into, inside a movement in the entire process of getting. Allow by yourself go. Don’t Consider. Just let you slip into this silky and Weird feeling that terrifies and caresses you…

Le joker/ Je ne pense pas vous avoir répondu sur votre offre…..C’est à priori qu’elle n’était simplement pas valide….non dans sa forme mais son contenu….Votre préciosité et vos références n’intéressant que vous même….

Robotic voice course of action / The shelter parts are carried out by way of true sensor interface robotic system… in which ‘nick’s studying of your book influences the trajectory on the nozzle (voice intensity and timber) / Microphone + Seem voice recognition + RSI-Kuka = seismograph movement of the robotic connected to frequency and amplitude of the seem sinusoidal curve)/ & the shelter petrified the Guides reader’s voice … witness of a lost paradise (Milton)…

1) The Charge of the constructions and mixtures of polyhedrons, tetrahedrons and polytope extensions (trihedral-1955) fundamental the geometry to become colonized is stated depending on a “structuralist” mode of exchange by which Just about every component (composition/colonization) is definable only by its relations of equivalence or opposition with the opposite along with the Other people. This ensemble of interactions is what would make up the “metabolic construction.”

Vous étiez un outil d’émancipation, de confrontation, voir une zone de conflit …et non un ghetto réservé à quelques Satisfied Handful of…pour une consommation abrutie… avec en primary…. un physionomiste de boite de Nuit en éminence grise.

You are able to drop by hell … … I don’t care … I adopt battle pose …… whole …… reconstituted … …. automobile-imago terminal … equivocal carnation …… fundamental schizoid … … hideous idol … I finish the strip … … and tomorrow … a monster is going to be out … … you can go to hell …… in nonsense innocence … I belong to me … to me

Precautions to be used: The device is initially developed with an exceptionally significant self-estimation sensorial machine, in addition to a danger-blinding part, equally necessary for its courageous steps and duties.

In contrast, Frequent’s hypotheses formulated for his New Babylon undertaking beginning in 1953 sought to withstand the ugliness of human incompletion, human indeterminism, and privilege the aesthetic incoherences born with the multitude, the cannibalistic generation and degeneration of Rimbaud’s Paris Commune, like swarming tunes that rustles, buzzes and here teems.

… the piece is derived from the initial Section of the novel by which the Councillor Krespel encloses his have daughter, Antonia, and stops her from singing, from her inclination towards a morbid bliss … in the literal perception.

Safety measures for use: Because of the necessity of unpredictability of its operate, the machine is subject to bipolar ailment, alternating manic, hypomanic and depressive episodes of different lengths.

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